Frequently asked questions

What is "Anisa Project"?

"Anisa Project" is an integrated AI within B OS, an operating system built on the basis of Linux Debian Bookworm LiveCD.

What are the features of "Anisa Project"?

"Anisa Project" provides access to various artificial intelligence applications, including integrated chatbots powered by GPT. The AI can also perform various tasks such as answering questions, generating responses, and providing recommendations.

What is the integration between "Anisa Project" and B OS?

"Anisa Project" is fully integrated into B OS, allowing users to access the AI and its features without needing to install any additional software.

Can "Anisa Project" be used offline?

Yes, "Anisa Project" can be used offline. However, certain features may require an internet connection to work.

Is "Anisa Project" available for free?

Yes, "Anisa Project" is available for free within B OS. Users can access various AI features and applications without any additional fees.

What is the desktop environment used in B OS?

B OS uses the GNOME desktop environment, which provides a modern and user-friendly interface.